Organic Baby Mulberry Molasses 380g (Cold Pressed)

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Soul kitchen organic products organic baby mulberry molasses 380gr (cold press) soul kitchen organic foods organic baby mulberry molasses 380gr ( cold pressed) contents : organic mulberry molasses ** the sugar rate written in the nutritional values is the fruit's own sugar rate and there is no sugar in our products. ingredients: organic mulberry molasses origin : turkey our products do not contain preservatives, additives and chemicals. cool with no sun and should be stored in a dry environment. this product is organic no. tc 5262 agricultural law and related organic agriculture principles and application produced in accordance with the regulation ministry of agriculture and forestry authorized by met ecological with authorization number tr ot 42 control certification ltd. sti. checked and certified. entrepreneur certificate no: tr ot 42 msİ 2371 2021 765 business registration number: tr 34 k 228810

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