Men's 925 silver ring with an amber stone with the design of Surat Al-Inshirah

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men's 925 silver ring with an amber stone with the design of surat al-inshirah, do shopping at home to get your order quickly from turkey to the doorstep.

amber is a beneficial stone because the warmth from the skin releases the active ingredient baltic amber, succinic acid and resin, which are absorbed into the bloodstream. recent scientific research on the benefits of amber stone has proven that succinic acid has a very positive effect on the human body by helping to improve immunity and balance acids when absorbed into the bloodstream.

modern cool design.
circular face decorated with a red amber stone.
silver and golden colour.
round diameter black amber stone.
the side is engraved with the words "there is no god but god, there is no victor but god".
luxurious silver decoration.
surah al-inshirah is engraved on the glossy side.
925 sterling silver.
approximate weight: 21 gr.

processing time is 1-4 work days.
shipping time is 2-4 work days.

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