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it can be used to support vitamins and minerals in children aged 11 years and over

   a food supplement that has positive effects both in the educational life of children and in their sports life.

  it contributes positively to the development of the body and intelligence.

  it also positively supports height growth

  it has a positive effect on school success by reducing concentration problems.

   in addition to the growth of the body, it also affects the development of intelligence in a good way and supports neurological development.

  it also strengthens reflexes

  contains vitamin a

  vitamin b1_ b2_b3_ b6_ b12_vitamin c_vitamin d_vitamin e manganese_chromium_molybdenum_iodine

 one of the most important ingredients in the argivit supplement, arginine, is an amino acid that stimulates the growth and development of a hormone secreted in the body that has an important role in the development of intelligence.

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