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white pepper is one of the most tasty spices that has healthy benefits. order now turkish attar products at mall of turkey to be delivered directly at your door.

one of the most used spices in the world, white pepper grows in tropical asian countries and is produced from the dried fruits of the pepper plant.
white pepper's flavor is often milder than black pepper's.
it can be added as a delicious additional flavor to meals.
it does not spoil the color of the sauces used in it.
it is consumed in meat and vegetable soups, sauces and raw meatballs.
benefits of white pepper: it facilitates the digestion process and accelerates blood circulation.
it has benefits to the spleen and pancreas.
it is recommended to use it in times of cold and flu.
it is also known to be beneficial for atherosclerosis.
weight: 100gr.

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shipping time: 2-4
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