Slimming belt and cellulite melting 5 vibration motors

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an excellent weight loss massager that tones blood vessels and increases blood circulation and metabolism, thus promoting a healthy life and improved complexion.

    massage will dissolve the layers of cellulite from the skin and make your appearance more youthful.

   ergonomic design this lightweight 3d roller-shaped massager is made of high-quality abs, which is non-toxic and harmless, and has a smooth surface.

  suitable for the whole family

  the lightweight and portable design is space-saving and suitable for carrying around at home, in the office, or even when traveling.

    widely used this massager is the best choice for lowering fat, relieving pain, reducing fatigue, reducing body tension, improving sleep quality and promoting blood circulation.

 product description: voltage: 220-240v power input: ac100-240v (electric voltage)

 maximum power: 7.5 watts

 frequency: about 600 times/min

 heating temperature: 30

 motor: 5 high frequency motors

  you can control the temperature and the timing, the lcd display, the temperature is intuitive and visual, the slimming belt is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort, burn fat, lose weight, reduce muscle fatigue, produce lactic acid, eliminate harmful toxins, and make the skin soft and supple at points  contact that simulates blood circulation.

  helps digestion

    the unique elliptical swinging motion is conducive to shaping health, losing weight, achieving fat reduction and losing weight. it is beneficial to your waist, neck, hips, knees, arms, legs and shoulders.

  colour: blue

  belt length 130 cm

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