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a distinctive school stationery set to support the student in the primary stage, an integrated set made of healthy materials. order now the school stationery to be delivered directly from turkey at your door.

contents: writing notebook.
square notebook, 60 pages a5, with plastic cover.
 60 page a5 lined notebook with plastic cover.
30 page sketch book, 30x22 size.
2 fatih brand erasers.
5 pieces of
fatih brand pencils.
fatih red pen.
set of putty 4 pieces.
counter number 1.
fatih set of pastel colors, 12 colors.
fatih set of watercolors, 12 colors.
fatih set of dry colors, 12 pieces.
fatih set of ink colors, 12 pieces.
one piece of paper clips.
one piece of adhesive tape.
one piece of closed file.
one piece ruler set.
one piece counting sticks set.
one piece plastic counting bean set.
one piece of protected scissors.
one piece of adhesive glue.

processing time: 1-4 work days.
shipping time: 2-4
work days.

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