Nature's Supreme Tribulus Terrestris 90 Capsules.

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Supplement containing 450 mg of saponins and 500 mg of tribulus terrestris per serving. it contains resin, tannin, protein, alkaloid, nitrogen, glycoside, diastase, peroxidase, carbohydrates, fructose, flavonoids and sucrose. the product contains approximately 10-11% protein. the product contains 14 amino acids, 6 of which are essential amino acids. the product can be dissolved directly in the intestines thanks to its encapsulated herbal formula. - standardized extract of tribulus terrestris in each capsule - 90% concentration of saponins - 100% herbal supplement a quality bar on the product indicates that microbiological tests have been successfully completed and the product has been approved the dehumidifier must not be removed from inside the product. when storing the product, keep it away from places that may be damp such as the kitchen, refrigerator, and bathroom. when storing the product, be sure to close the cap tightly. store the product in a cool dry place.

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