Nature's Supreme Lactase Enzyme 100 Capsules

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It is a product that contains the enzyme lactase. this dietary supplement is in capsule form. the lactase enzyme helps digest lactose in people with indigestion it can be taken with foods that contain lactose - does not contain gmos, pork additives, gluten, preservatives and sweeteners, suitable for vegetarian use. how to use : to ensure the best effects of the product, it is very important to know how many lactase enzyme capsules to take when eating foods containing lactose. it is important to know the percentage of lactose in the foods that you eat in your meals. that's because the lactase enzyme handles 13 grams of lactose per capsule. for this reason, when drinking 1 glass of milk, 1 capsule can be used with the product. since a cup of milk contains 9-10 grams of lactose, you can easily take it with just one capsule.

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