Multivitamins jelly 7 x 20 g

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 a delicious vitamin supplement for children that was developed to support healthy nutrition. order now the healthy nutritional supplements for children from mall of turkeya to be delivered directly to your door.

your child does not like taking supplements in the form of syrup or pills.
we offer you these vitamins in the form of delicious candy that children love.
a jelly pill that contains many important vitamins and minerals to maintain normal body functions.
these vitamins and minerals are in a form that can be taken by children and adults.
it contains: vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin e, vitamin b6, vitamin b12, and folic acid.
each of these vitamins has different benefits for the body, helping children’s physical and mental development.
vitamin a supports eye health, while vitamin c strengthens the immune system.
vitamin d is important for bone health.
in addition, it contains minerals such as zinc, folic acid and iodine.
children from 4 to 10 years old eat 10 pieces daily.
for children over 11 years old, eat 20 pieces daily.

for a 3-year-old child, if he is able to chew, he can eat one piece daily.
package content: 7 bags, each bag contains 10 pieces.

processing time: 1-4 work days.
shipping time: 2-4
work days.

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