Light baklava with walnuts for diabetics from Karaköy Güllüoğlu - 1kg

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walnut baklava for diabetics from karakoy guluoglu, free shipping and fast delivery to your home to enjoy the world of deliciousness.

healthy baklava for everyone who does not want to eat sugar, and who suffer from diabetes.
the healthy prebiotic stevia fiber has been used instead of sugar.
which gives it an advantage for diabetes.
by choosing flour with a low glycemic index.
the amount of energy and carbohydrates in flour has been reduced.
it contains the mineral salt rich in magnesium, which contains less sodium.
it is recommended to take a maximum of 3 slices per day and under a doctor's supervision.
delicious crunch.
delicious nut filling.
light baklava with walnut was recorded in a document dated may 25, 1999, stating that it is a food for diabetics as a result of the glucose tolerance test (gtt) conducted on 18 healthy volunteers in istanbul capa university faculty of medicine.
this baklava for diabetics is distinguished from the various types in that it does not carry any negative effects.
stevia with prebiotic fiber, a natural sweetener, is used instead of sugar.
in order to reduce the amount of energy and carbohydrates in the flour, flour with a lower glycemic index was used.
magnesium-enriched mineral salt, which has 43% less sodium than regular salt, was used as salt.
rich in dietary fiber.
it is produced by reducing the saturated fat content.
ingredients: polydextrose, low glycemic index wheat flour, olive oil, whole wheat flour, wheat starch, pistachios, eggs, inulin, -oligofructose, natural sweetener: stevia, low sodium mineral salt, omega 3 fatty acids, water.
weight: 900-1100g.

processing time: 1-3 working days.
shipping time: 2-4 business days.

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