Fenugreek Flour 250gr

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fenugreek flour to add a distinctive flavor to meals and treat some diseases. order now turkish attar products at mall of turkeya to be delivered directly at your door.

fenugreek flour is a kind of spice that adds a delicious flavor to meals.
it is mostly used in meat, chicken and vegetable dishes.
fenugreek is a semi-integrated pharmacy for the treatment of diseases and is included in the composition of therapeutic and cosmetic medicines.
among the most prominent benefits of fenugreek:
it is beneficial for swelling and chest pain for asthma patients.
it is an expectorant and is recommended for use in patients with bronchitis. fenugreek has protects from cancer.
regulating digestion, reducing blood pressure and regulating blood cholesterol levels.
treating hair loss, regulating blood sugar levels.
reducing muscle pain, treating rheumatic disease and also reducing the risk of atherosclerosis.

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