Arifoğlu Natural Argan Soap 125gm

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argan soap for skin and hair care. order now care and beauty products from mall of turkeya to be delivered directly to your door.

natural soap made from the fruits of the argan tree, rich in antioxidants that prevent the appearance of free radicals that damage the skin. it refreshes the skin, removes wrinkles and blackheads, and treats skin infections.
argan soap helps remove dandruff.
it protects the scalp from some diseases, including clogged hair follicles, infections, and itching. it treats dry hair and the problems that result from it, such as breakage, irritation, and dullness.
argan soap treats hair loss.
use: for hair: lather the soap on the hair, wait a little, then rinse it with plenty of water.
for the face: lather it in your hand and spread the foam on your face with light movements.
it is preferable to wait for 1-3 minutes and rinse it with plenty of lukewarm water.
avoid eye contact.
weight: 125 gr.
brand: arifoglu.

processing time: 1-4 work days.
shipping time: 2-4 work days.

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