Argivit Women Bright Gold Komplex

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unleash healthy skin and a radiant body

  helps you get rid of stress

 regulates the mood

  relieves menstruation and menstruation symptoms.

 provides energy and vitality throughout the day, reduces collagen breakdown on the skin, improves skin radiance and reduces the appearance of skin spots.

 by nourishing hair and nails with biotin, it helps women's hair health and radiance.

  grape seed extract _ watermelon extract

  zinc _ hyaluronic acid

  travel inside_ saffron extract

  vitamin b1_ phosphatidylserine vitamin b3

  extinergy_caffeine_vitamin b6 vitamin d3

  vitamin b2

  folic acid


  vitamin b12

 how to use: one tablet per day is recommended for adults 11 years of age and older.

  do not exceed the recommended daily serving. 

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