Natural deodorant softener (hair softener) from YeşilMarka

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Provides a smoother and more radiant appearance to the skin thanks to the natural minerals, rich herbal extracts and herbal actives it contains. it does not disturb the natural balance of the body. it does not leave a white residue on your skin, does not stick and does not stain. helps prevent sweat odor effectively and healthily. suitable for use by women, men and children. thanks to its specially designed formula, it helps eliminate sweat odor “naturally” and helps hair become thinner and grow later, creating a feeling of softness. deodorant helps facilitate hair removal and reduces the frequency of hair removal when used regularly. it provides the skin care you need after hair removal and makes you feel soft. usage: shake before use. it should be applied to clean skin. we advise you to start using it after showering. otherwise bacteria formed with sweating may cause deterioration of our product. it should be applied to clean skin daily, especially after hair removal and shaving.

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