YeşilMarka Glutamine - 300 gr

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– vegan glutamine, amino acids that support muscle building, order now the nutritional supplements from mall of turkeya to be delivered directly at your door.

glutamine is an essential amino acid derivative in muscle structure.
it can be produced naturally in the body, but requires supplementation because it is consumed in larger quantities than what is produced during training. it is 100% pure and from a plant source.

it is produced by specially refining non-gmo corn.
yeşilmarka glutamine does not contain animal raw materials, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, preservatives, etc.
it contains no allergenic ingredients (eggs, milk, flour, peanuts, etc.) and is vegan.
it does not contain any additives.
contains 100% pure glutamine and vitamin b6.
one serving contains 5g of glutamine.
the box contains 60 servings of glutamine.

processing time: 1-4 work days.
shipping time: 2-4
work days.

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