YeşilMarka triple effect cream (firming, anti-aging, brightening)_ 3 pieces

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triple effect cream, natural ingredients to solve annoying skin problems. order now care and beauty products from mall of turkeya to be delivered directly to your door.

it significantly lightens the appearance of fine lines, eye wrinkles, and dark circles around the eyes within 3 minutes.
it maintains its effect throughout the day.
stress related to stress during the day causes permanent lines in our facial expressions.
it starts working immediately on fine lines with its mineral complex.
you can start your day looking more vibrant and youthful after application in the morning.
active elements with microalgae technology in its formula, support the production of energy needed by skin cells.
helps permanently reduce the appearance of dark circles and eye wrinkles when used regularly for 1 week.
it nourishes the skin with the fish collagen it contains. it renews, repairs and revitalizes skin cells by supporting collagen and maintains moisture balance, which is one of the most important factors for the skin’s youthful appearance.
this is due to the presence of hyaluronic acids of different molecular sizes, which are compatible with each other and increase their mechanism of action.
supports the skin barrier by locking moisture into the skin.
unifies skin tone.
it accelerates skin cell regeneration and nourishes the skin with provitamin b5 and vitamin b3 (niacinamide).
it increases cell regeneration, and thus dark spots, which are one of the effects of aging, will not appear.
the special minerals, polysaccharides and peptide technology it contains, it has an immediate effect on fine lines.
usage: apply a very thin layer on clean, moist skin around the eyes and the area in need with small touches.
wait until it dries without making any movements. the product will begin to show its effect when it begins to dry.
weight: 15 ml × 3.
brand: yeşilmarka.

processing time: 1-4 work days.
shipping time: 2-4 work days.

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