3-piece hair care set (shampoo + hair cream + hair care water)

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Set content: 350 ml shampoo thanks to its formula enriched with biotin, keratin and collagen, it supports the nutrition of hair follicles and helps prevent hair loss. it moisturizes and nourishes the hair, making it look healthy, vibrant and shiny. it repairs damaged, damaged and dried hair and protects it from environmental effects. usage suggestion: take some shampoo in your hand and lather it abundantly. then rinse with plenty of water. repeat the process if you wish. 350 ml hair cream helps strengthen hair thanks to its formula enriched with nettle, garlic, thyme, horsetail, yarrow, chamomile extracts, argan and shea oils. it gives a shiny appearance. formulated with vitamin e, panthenol, biotin and hyaluronic acid components, this product provides easy scanning. it is suitable for all hair types. usage suggestion: take a small amount of hair conditioner and apply it from your hair roots to your ends. 34 min. wait for it to penetrate thoroughly. then rinse with plenty of water. repeat the process if you wish. 210 ml hair care water helps prevent hair breakage by increasing the elasticity of the hair. it gives a healthy, vibrant and shiny appearance to processed and damaged hair. it allows easy combing of hair. usage recommendation: use when your hair is clean. you can use it wet or dry. squeeze the hair care water 10 cm behind your hair. make sure it reaches your entire hair, from the ends to the roots. there is no need to rinse afterwards. you can let it dry naturally or dry it with a blow dryer.

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